Top 10 Mobile Apps That Help As Learning Tools

One of the biggest advantages of using a digital device like a tablet, iPad, or smartphone is that you can actually learn a lot through the apps you install on these. These are not simply meant for taking selfies, playing online games, and streaming Netflix; they can be put to good use when you consider them as learning tools. So, why not make the best of these devices by installing these apps for more advanced learning on any topic that piques your interest?

  1. Khan Academy: This was the brainchild of an entrepreneur-cum-teacher-cum –hedge fund analyst Sal Khan. This app offers all courses completely free of cost, unlike Udemy where you will need to pay for some courses. The classes in Khan Academy focus on topics in science, mathematics, computer science, and humanities.
  2. Udemy: This online app offers multiple courses on a variety of subjects ranging from beautician courses to web designer courses. Whether you wish to become an entrepreneur or start playing a musical instrument, you can find Udemy useful. You can access all learning materials through mobile devices. The app may be free to download but courses have to be paid for.
  3. Lynda: This is like the Udemy and provides multiple courses on different subjects like software development, video production etc. You can choose to learn according to your convenience and the vast number of courses is available for monthly subscriptions. You can take as many courses as you wish to every month.
  4. Goodreads: Books continue to the biggest source of information even in a digital age and this app is your gateway to a huge library. It will ensure you get the right kinds of books, whether it is non-fiction or fiction you want. You get to read reviews of books and can even share your own comments.
  5. TED: This is an app by a non-profit organization that wishes to spread inspiring thoughts in short videos. These are called “TED Talks” and these may be on all kinds of topics pertaining to arts, science, and even globally relevant issues. When you install the app, you can access all the videos free of cost.
  6. Lumosity: This is perfect for people who want to exercise their brains. There are brain-training games by expert game developers that focus on enhancing your concentration, improving power of retention, and finding solutions to problems faster. The app is free but you have to opt for the paid version to take full advantage of it.
  7. Duolingo: This app is your best bet when you wish to learn a foreign language, whether it is French, Spanish or any one of the 12 others that the app offers. It has a simple user interface and learners can learn at their pace.
  8. Bitcoin Trader: This is an automated trading app that promises easy and incredible profits using an algorithmic formula.  It has enabled its members to become millionaires. 
  9. Wikipedia: This app of course will give you all the information you need on anything. Instead of rummaging through heavy Britannica Encyclopedia volumes you can simply type the word you need information about, and it is all there at your fingertips.
  10. Studyblue: You need a tutor when your exams are approaching. Similarly, for supplemental materials, you can check out this app that offers such resources from other teachers and students. This is a crowd source learning medium that uses study guides, flash cards, and notes to explain things to users.
  11. YouTube: Finally, this is one app that can teach you a variety of things through informative and interesting videos. You are also free to upload your own videos on YouTube. It is best to select videos posted by experts having real-world experience. 

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